HTH 4 kg Mineral Soft Granular Chlorine

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HTH Mineral Soft Granular Chlorine is a non-stabilised chlorine that kills algae and bacteria. It is quick dissolving and fast acting and canalso be used as a Shock Treatment. This product treats algae, discoloured water or due to extreme conditions (i.e. extreme weather, high bather load etc.). Use to maintain pH between 7.2 – 7.6 (Marbelite pools) or 7.0 – 7.2 (Fibreglass pools). Dosage: with pump running on filter setting, add 1 cup (250 g) around the sides of the pool in the early evening (based on a 50,000 litre pool). Can be used daily or every second day (maintain 1 – 3 ppm free chlorine).

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HTH 4 kg Mineral Soft Granular Chlorine. The key active ingredient in HTH Chlorinating Granules, calcium hypochlorite is the Grim Reaper of bacteria, algae, fungi, slime, and other swimming pool creeps. It kills through oxidation, which disrupts the cellular processes of microorganisms
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